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1. Intellectual Property Statement

All rights (including copyright, trademark rights, etc.) of all products, technologies, software, programs, data and other information (including text, icons, pictures, photos, audio, video, graphics, color combinations, layout design, etc.) involved in this website Patent rights, trade secrets and other related rights), unless otherwise specified, are owned by KaySky and protected by relevant laws and regulations such as intellectual property rights. Any unauthorized use is illegal and will be subject to law Bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

This website respects intellectual property rights and opposes and combats infringements of intellectual property rights. If you, as the right holder, believe that the content of this website infringes your legitimate rights and interests, you can submit a written request to this website and provide valid identification, ownership, and Links and detailed proof of infringement, this website will deal with it in a timely manner in accordance with the corresponding laws and regulations and the rules of this website after receiving your qualified notice.

2. Information release statement

1. If you publish information through this website, you can only do so in a lawful and compliant manner for lawful purposes, and abide by the following terms:

(1) All information published on this website must not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the state and local governments on Internet network information security;

(2) Explain all the published information to users, and independently assume all legal responsibilities arising therefrom;

(3) This website has the right to modify, delete or do other appropriate processing for all information that you publish that is illegal or does not comply with the rules of this website.

2. For other users who publish information and launch products or provide services on this website, the user and you clearly agree on their respective rights and obligations in the relevant agreement or legal document, and the user independently assumes legal responsibility to you.

3. Disclaimer

In any of the following situations, this website does not assume any legal responsibility:

1. This website provides your personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or other normative legal documents or the requirements of regulatory agencies; any third party uses your personal information in accordance with the circumstances listed in the relevant legal documents signed with you, thereby Disputes arising;

2. As you inform others of your account, password and other transaction passwords or share your registered account with others, any personal information leakage or personal information leakage caused by other reasons other than this website; and the aforementioned personal information leakage caused you Loss of property;

3. You or you and any third party engage in false transactions, fraud, money laundering or other violations of laws and regulations through this website;

4. Economic losses caused by your own reasons;

5. The website temporarily stops providing all or part of the products or services due to computer virus intrusion, hacker attack, or government control;

6. Any consequences caused by force majeure;

7. The exemptions listed in relevant legal documents such as the rules of this website or agreement terms and statements.